Day 66 & 67: Falling for Berlin

Today we explored Berlin as it ought to be seen – on bikes – and enjoyed it so much more. We rented from a community source, Orange Bike, which had the best prices.

The city is great for biking; relatively flat, a good network of bike lanes (especially clear at intersections), respectful drivers, and a tonne of people biking. Our only complaint is the cobblestones.

We rode along the canal to the turkish market and got some amazing falafel and pre-birthday baklava for Darren. Birthday baklava is a tradition for us, and this stuff set the bar pretty high.

We followed a number of Hilareys recommendations today – and they all checked out! Our next stop was Modular – an art and architecture supply store. If I had access to a store like this during architecture school I would have have spent all my time and money there. There was every imaginable material for models, projects, you name it!

Next we headed to Templehofen Feld – an abandoned airport turned park. The runway became the worlds largest bike path. We rode against the wind to one end of the runway and coasted the whole way back, letting the wind blow us. Others were kite boarding – skateboarding at the end of a kite!

We explored Neukolln, the neighbourhood next to the park. It’s a bit more understated that Kreuzberg, but has a great vibe. We took our photos in one of the many photobooths in this area – another Berlin feature. I like to imagine someone in a very small darkroom in the booth processing all our photos. We people watched from Bully’s Bakery before heading home.

We had cooked dinner with everyone in the house and had an awesome evening.

The next morning we took an early bike ride back to Neukolln and perused a bit more. We had one last currywurst before returning the bikes and heading to the airport for our flight to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is everything we dreamed and more! On the bus from the airport to our apartment, we watch waves of cyclists in rush hour. It’s a thing of beauty!