Day 70: Sunny Saturday in Copenhagen

Another beautiful day in Copenhagen.  We started by riding across the city to Freetown Christiania, an autonomous neighbourhood.  It started in the 1970’s as squatters in the military barracks and has grown to a community of 850.  We wandered around what appeared to be a vibrant, artistic and well cared for community. It was striking how peaceful it was – with no cars around all you could hear were birds.  There was a green light district – a cannabis market – in the centre, but we weren’t allowed pictures there. We had lunch in another great little vegetarian place in Christiania.

We checked out the street food market, a large warehouse building near the water with food stalls set up inside. They weren’t selling food yet, but we browsed around the stalls.

Unfortunately we had to return our bikes and did the rest of our exploring on foot.  The city has enough detail that it was interesting for the whole 40 minute walk to the core, but bikes are definitely the way to go.

While the prices of everything else has made us wince, the bikes are pretty reasonable compared to Canada.  We checked out a number of shops and got inspired to pimp out our bikes this summer.


We checked out the Superkilen park again, this time it was jam packed with people.


We headed across Dronning Louise’s Bro – the most hopping bridge we’ve ever seen.  It’s an unusually popular hangout with people lining the sides soaking up the sun, chat and listen to music.  When the traffic got reduced to a single lane in each direction, the extra space became filled with people.  The photograph doesn’t really capture the vibe, but this place is incredible – it’s the place to be in the city.  More wine and a picnic in great spaces – this is the way to enjoy Copenhagen.