Day 70: Last Day in Copenhagen

Today we explored on foot.  First stop was the botanical gardens, which were free to explore.  We visited the various biomes and oogled at the carnivorous plant display.

The cactus exhibit is only open an hour a day (I guess the cactus are resting the rest of the time) but we were lucky to be there in that hour.  We spent way too long looking at the impressive and comical variety, and became hopelessly hooked on cactuses.


Next we wandered around the pedestrianised core.  This collection of streets, which used to be jammed with cars and traffic are now a lively centre and destination.   The gentle curve of the streets allow the views to continually reveal them selves.  That coupled with the small details like paving stones and seating make for an enjoyable experience.

We visited the Lego store in its country of origin, and of course made little Lego Caracters of ourselves (as best we could).

It was windy and cloudy – perfect day for museums.  A number of museums and galleries are free in the city. We picked the National Museum to brush up on our Viking history.

We checked a palace, a few of the shops to look at local art, and also went to a fancy new market hall where everything was woefully expensive.