Day 74: A Sad Farewell to Amsterdam

After our whirlwind tour over the past couple days we took it pretty easy today.  Darren did some observations of street life, and I did some observations of the items in stores.

Darren hard at work

Darren hard at work

After having the modularity of the street pointed out, we bacame obsessed with identifying and documenting all the building blocks the city uses to allow for streets that can adapt to changing needs and still look awesome.

We wandered past the flower market where the tulip craze was in full swing.

For the Dutch paying attention to nature means adding more birds. Here's one wise looking old heron.

For the Dutch paying attention to nature means adding more birds. Here’s one wise looking old heron.

The afternoon was a haze of coffee, falafels and stroop waffles.  Friends don’t introduce friends to stroop waffles (except I just did).  These little innocuous caramel filled, cookie-sized waffles, are so addictive, and practically have their own aisle in the grocery store.

In the evening we went to an improve show at Boom Chicago, late birthday present for Darren.  The show was called the Seven Deadly Dutch Sins.  While we didn’t have all the context, it was an awesome show, mixing improv and standup.  It was nice to laugh from our V.I.B couch (very important butt) and know that we wouldn’t be the subject of mockery, for tonight anyway.  The sins, that I remember are: low standards (this was surprising), food, scooters, birthday parties, language.  They asked the audience how everyone got to the show.  Loud applause four cycling, only one group for driving, and no one for scooters, which allowed him to joke about and plot against this annoying transportation mode.