Day 83: London – Regents Canal walk

After breakfast we headed out for our third day of lots and lots of walking. We headed through Regents park and got our fill of dog watching.  Dogs are almost a rare sight in the city as most people dont have the time or space for them. The park was huge with a number of activities – cricket, football, etc.

We walked along Regents Canal, lined with narrow houseboats.  The path is narrow and uneven and shared by a number of people cycling and walking.  It was surprising that we didn’t see anyone fall in.

Check out the feet on this baby coot - it has some growing to do to fit them!

Check out the feet on this baby coot – it has some growing to do to fit them!

We’ve been loving the signs around London – so polite and verbose. Where as a sign would say “slow down” in Canada, it says “Please Drop Your Pace” in London.

We stopped for lunch at the Camden Locks market – a packed street food market with nearly every ethnic food offering.  Behind there is a market from former horse stables – the largest covered market.

We headed north from the canal to the the UAL Fashion school at St Martins. The choreographed fountain in front was mesmerizing.  We checked out the exhibit inside – seems like an impressive school, with a beautiful extension to an old building.

Next was room temperature beer and cider at the Eagle pub.

We walked through a design neighbourhood to the Barbicon.  The Barbicon is a Brutality style mixed use development.  It houses … residents in a variety of housing styles from townhouses to apartments.  There are a number of amenities – stores, groceries, library, theater, gallery – spread throughout.  The spaces are interconnected and linked with walkways with various shared spaces.  To describe it it sounds like an architecture student’s dream – a mini city of your own creation.  Its apparently well liked, and the units are very expensive – but it wasn’t for me.  The outdoor spaces were empty, and the excess of hard surfaces and repeated forms didn’t seem to allow for the residence to make the space their own.

We met up with more of Brynn and Colin’s friends and headed back to the canal where we dragged our tired butts another few kilometers to meet up with more friends on a patio.  Our group expanded as we headed to a Vietnamese restaurant for delicious, albeit pricey pho (20 times the price in Vietnam!) We pub hopped until they shut down at midnight, which was surprisingly early.  It was great to be around more Canadians than we’ve seen in a few months.