About our trip

Trip 2015 Map3

Over the next 5 months we will be visiting 3 continents, 21 countries and 85+ cities.  Follow us on our adventures in South East Asia, Europe and South America as we explore by foot, bike, kayak, bus, ferry, fenicular, train and the occasional plane.  We’re equipped with 2 carry-on bags which include clothes for a 30 degree temperature range, a couple of sketchbooks, some technology to keep us connected (and our parents from worrying) and of course our cameras. Expect a lot of pigeon photos. A lot.

Click here for the full(ish) itinerary.

Some of the stats:

  • Months: 5
  • Weeks: 20
  • Days: 140
  • Continents: 3
  • Countries: 21
  • Countries with Llamas: 3
  • Cities: 86+
  • Coastal cities:19
  • Inland cities: 67
  • Beaches: 11
  • Languages: 14
  • Countries where English is the mother tongue: 1
  • Cities with bikeshares: 23
  • Cities with funiculars: 8
  • The most Southern city: Buenos Aires
  • The most Northern City: Copenhagen
  • Largest City: Bangkok 8 Million
  • Hottest Temperature: South East Asia Feb 33°C,  South America June 31°C
  • Highest density of breweries per person 4/1500 people! (little Switzerland in Germany)
  • Small City Cycling rate: Groningen 60%
  • Large City Cycling rate: Copenhagen 50%, Amsterdam 60%

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